How To Download TV Shows From Tubidy

How To Download TV Shows From Tubidy

How to download TV shows from Tubidy? Today, listening to music has never been so easy, thanks to streaming platforms. With such a platform, you can listen to your favourite songs while doing your activities or driving. Speaking of music streaming platforms, Tubidy is one of the popular ones. It also allows you to download videos from other platforms so that you can download your favourite movies or TV shows.

How To Download TV Shows From Tubidy

Download TV Shows with Tubidy

Below are the steps to download your favourite TV shows using Tubidy.

  • Go to the website where you want to download the TV show. For instance, YouTube and TikTok. Search the title of the TV show and copy the link.
  • On another tab, open Tubidy’s website. Then, paste the link on the search column. And click download.
  • When you have to choose the file format, choose MP4. As you know, MP4 is the file format for videos.
  • Wait until the download process is complete, and you can save the TV show on your computer or smartphone.

Tubidy Does Not Download

Some users report that the music streaming platform suddenly will not let them download songs via third-party platforms like YouTube. For this issue, it is possible that YouTube is either blocking the platform or has changed their API so that Tubidy becomes useless.

And if you visit Tubidy’s official website, you will notice that their latest update was a year ago. Also, there is nothing new on their website. This can mean that Tubidy no longer works. It is not even available in the App Store now.

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How To Download TV Shows From Tubidy

Tubidy Does Not Play Videos

Why is Tubidy not playing videos? The most possible reason for this issue is that the video is corrupted or damaged. So, Tubidy is no longer able to play the video. Also, do not forget to check your Wi-Fi or data connection. If you are not connected to the internet, of course, the platform cannot play any media.

Tubidy Does Not Show All Related Videos

This issue is perhaps because there is something wrong with Tubidy’s algorithm. So, the platform fails to show all related videos according to your search. It can also be caused by its library, meaning that Tubidy’s songs library is not as complete as other music streaming platforms. So that it can only show just a few of related videos.

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