How To Download Twitter GIFs Using Tubidy

How To Download Twitter GIFs Using Tubidy?

How To Download Twitter GIFs Using Tubidy? – GIFs always make your online interaction fun and last longer. Nowadays, most social media platforms have this feature, including Twitter. Because of the cool items on the feature, you often want to get them.

Indeed, you want to know how to download Twitter GIFs, including “how to download Twitter GIFs using Tubidy?” At the same time, it helps your curiosity about “Why is Tubidy not available in my country?

How To Download Twitter GIFs Using Tubidy

Twitter GIFs File Format

Before answering the questions above, you need to learn the Twitter GIFs file format first. GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) is an image file format on the internet.

The developers create GIF files with up to 8 bits per pixel and approximately 256 indexed colors. The model of this file varies, such as images, frames, or the combination of these two elements. The combination of images and frames in GIF produces basic animations.

Tubidy File Format

Tubidy is a website for streaming, downloading, and converting music video and audio file formats. This website is compatible with MP3 and MP4 files.

This website works by helping you to find the audio file or music video you need. The system will find it. Then, you can stream or download the file in the form of MP3 or MP4 format.

How To Download Twitter GIFs Using Tubidy

The Way to Download Twitter GIFs Using Tubidy

So, how to download Twitter GIFs using Tubidy? You can’t do it. The reason why you can’t do it is the file format. Twitter GIFs are in the form of images or basic animation, whereas Tubidy only works with MP3 and MP4 formats.

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The thing you can do using Tubidy is looking at some videos that guide you to downloading Twitter GIFs. You may not download Twitter GIFs using Tubidy, but you still get the tutorial from this website. Follow the instructions and you will get the best GIFS from Twitter.

App Store Setting before Using Tubidy

Some people explain that they can’t use Tubidy because it is not available in their region or country. Check your app store setting if you get the same issue. The setting should be in the United States.

Android Users

Tap the Google Play Store icon on your mobile phone. Go to the menu and tap the account.

Next, find out the account and country option and tap it. From this step, go to the profile menu. Fill with the country. Carefully follow the instructions.

iPhone Users

Tap the settings icon on your iPhone. Hit your name option. Next, figure out the iTunes & App store.

Go to the Apple ID and view Apple ID. Tap the country and change it. Tap the agree button twice.

This article gives more understanding to people who ask, “how to download Twitter GIFs using Tubidy?” It also helps those who can’t use Tubidy because this app is not available in their country.