Tubidy Mobile

Tubidy Mobile: What You Need To Know

Tubidy Mobile – Good news for those who love to use Tubidy. Now, you can use this music downloader app on your mobile device.

It means that access to the latest and best music and audio files is fast and easy! Here, we are about to talk about things you should know about Tubidy mobile before using it.

Tubidy Mobile

How to Use Tubidy on Your Mobile Device

Choose one of the two methods to use this app on a mobile device. Don’t worry! Both methods are easy to do. It only depends on your habit when using your mobile device.

Use Tubidy Via Browser

Open a browser you often use on a mobile device. Then, type tubidy.org.za and hit the search button. This action will bring you to the official website.

You don’t need to create an account only to use this app. Go to a box with a black color. It is a search box. Enter the audio files you want to get.

Try to enter the specific things about the files, such as the singer, title, part of the lyric, and many more. The more detail you enter in the specification on the search box, the easier for the system to recommend the right files.

Now, you will see the list of the audio file you are looking for. Pick one of them. This action leads you to a new page.

It shows the information about the audio file, such as the quality, format, and size. This app often provides several file qualities, formats, and sizes.

For example, you can download or convert the original audio file to 128 kbps in an MP3 format. It takes approximately 4.07 MB of memory in your mobile device.

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The better the audio file quality, the bigger the file size. Go to the convert button on the right. Click on it and wait for the process.

Now, you have the audio file on your device. Listen to it anytime and anywhere even without an internet connection. It is a great option if you don’t want to download any app on your device.

Use Tubidy Via Application

Alternatively, you can go to Google Play Store from your mobile device. Then, enter Tubidy MP3 music downloader in the search box. Check the specification of the app.

Now, install the app on your mobile device. Wait for the process to complete and use it. It is okay if you don’t want to download or convert music or audio file from Tubidy mobile.

This app is also suitable for streaming the best music. Indeed, you can also download the music you need from this app. Pick the audio file from the list and tap the download button.

Imagine that there are over 10 million songs you can get from this downloader app, including the hottest and trending music. The system even helps to classify the music you are looking for according to genre, mood, and more.

Tubidy Features

The developer supports this app with some features. Learn the details of the features below.

Top Video

This feature provides a list of the most popular videos. It helps you a lot if you want to get a new experience by listening to the hottest or trending audio files.

At least, you don’t have to take a long time to find the file. This feature has it for you.

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Top Searches

Just like its name, this feature provides audio files that most users searched for via Tubidy. This feature is also useful to recommend some popular audio files. It is good if you are curious about trending music or audio files.

Search Box

This feature helps to find the music or audio file you want to download or convert. It gives you flexibility because you can enter any keyword that is related to the files you are looking for. The system will give you the list of the files in a few seconds.


You will need this feature to take the files to your mobile device. It also helps to change the file format to the most compatible format. Tap this feature to start the converting process.

Tubidy Mobile

The Way to Download Audio Files via Tubidy

Downloading an audio file via Tubidy is straightforward. You can find the file with one of the search features above. This app will show you some audio files that are ready to download.

Examine the files and pick the file you are intended to download. Hit the convert menu based on the specification you want. The file specification means the quality, format, and size.

The process takes a few seconds or minutes. The more stable your internet connection, the faster the downloading process. The audio file will be on your mobile device by now as long as there is nothing wrong with the process.

The Way to Get an Audio File in the Best Quality

The key to getting the best quality audio file is by seeing the quality this app provides. Since you want to download in the best quality, convert the audio file to a 320-kbps file quality. Remember! The better the quality of the audio file, the larger the storage you have to prepare on your mobile device.

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The process can be a little bit longer. It will be better to use the best internet provider before downloading the best audio file quality. Soon, you can enjoy the clear sound from the audio.

It seems that you are enjoying the music live. Indeed, you also have to use a mobile device with the best audio systems.

As a music lover, you are happy to hear about this information, right? Try to use this app right away to get any music and audio file you want. This app is safe to use and also legal.

In this case, legal means that you are using the audio files for yourself and not for business purposes. Tubidy mobile is a good option if you want to download or convert memorable music, music from your favorite singers or bands, music for relaxation, and other audio files for personal usage.